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Poopsy & Daisy Sticker pack

26 unique stickers

Meet your new friends

Poopsy & Daisy is your goto sticker pack when you wanna add that special weird feeling to your messages. You can finally express yourself through poop and still be cute at the same time. Isn't that what you've been searching for your whole life?

Good old FAQ

How to install and use iMessage stickers?

Check out this official apple support post that explains the process in detail. It should be helpful

Can I request a sticker with a specific emotion or situation?

Sure, send us an email to hello@designeat and we'll be happy to talk. We are always trying to improve our stickers.

I have a problem with your stickers, some are not displaying correctly.

Sorry about that, could you please send us an email to and we'll be happy to help out if we can.

My iOS version is not supported by your sticker pack. What to do?

Unfortunately, iOS 10 is the lowest version that we are able to support since stickers were introduced in that version in the first place.

Can you do a sticker pack for me? I have a great idea...

Of course, feel free to send us your proposal, we are always happy to hear about new ideas.

Questions, ideas or proposals?

Email us -